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How would you explain this and how would I fix it?

The steering wheel starts to shake slightly at around 60-70mph on the highway, but it doesn't ALWAYS happen.

If I'm going straight, it'll shake.

If the steering wheel is slightly turned to the right (and sometimes left), while the car is starting to turn, it WON'T shake. When I say slightly, I mean the amount it takes to change lanes on the highway.

The axles/boots were just redone (2k miles ago) and the alloy wheels don't need balancing (from what the dealer told me).

My next guess is the wheels aren't aligned correctly so when the car is driving straight, one is slightly angled outwards causing the shake.

What do you guys think? Should I just leave it alone (since it's not that bad).

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Road force with the wheels, you need to go to a tire dealer that has a balancer that can test road force... what it'll do is help line up the tire with the rim better, this is a common thing. Any dealer that mounts and balances should know exactly what to do. Just tell them you're experincing Road Force when you hit those speeds (((sorry for the spelling, im really tired and dont care about checking)))

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Sounds like you need your tires balanced and possibly rotated. If you bought the rims from a local tire store (Discount Tire, FireStone, Pep Boys, etc) they'll most likely will do it for you for free.
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