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i want make sure i get this right....

here where i live in CA. the sales tax is 7%
so if i buy a $20,000 rolla.. it will be $1400 tax, total $21400 + license title fees??
reason i was wonderin cuz i know parts of so. cal tax is 8% and because of the competition, they may be cheaper than here.
(that 1% is a $200 difference).

also the title and license fees, do they vary because of region? if i get a ca in so. cal, everythin is more expense,do i have to pay so. cal fees or can i bring the car home and pay local title license fees?
sorry but im new at all this. :)

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That sounds like a nightmare to police if the sales tax differs within the same State.

Personally I'd just call up a dealer in NoCA and SoCA and ask them how they calculate their taxes.

I know up here in Canada it's tough to buy a car in a different province since you need to plate it where your driver's license is. There are ways around this but they're a bureaucratic headache of monumental proportions...and hardly worth the effort for only a few hundred $$ (save for Alberta where there is no provincial sales tax).
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