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How do I activate automatic lift from rear door?

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Hi Everyone - Does anyone know if it's possible to open the rear hatch door from the back so that it lifts open automatically without having to use the smart key or button inside the car? Is this a safety feature Toyota built in so that you're not hit from it rising or is it because my hatch is not working properly? It kinda sucks that I have to lift the tailgate manually from the back. I either have to go to the driver side to press the button or reach in my pocket to find the smart key.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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There's two buttons at the back to the right of license plate bulb... The long one unlocks/opens and the small one locks.

There is no way to auto open from the tailgate, but it takes about 20% more effort to raise it up once you press the button.

It still has struts like a normal hatch after all...
I'm not a Ford man ( been there ....) but I do admire their new under the rear bumper hatch switch available on the Ford Escape - only touch your foot under the bumper while you hands are full of weekly groceries and it opens. I predict this feature will be on all makes soon.
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