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How do i get more power into my little engine?

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whats a cheep and easy way to get some more power to my 1996 tercel? im preety sure the engine is a 1.5lt dohc. but any comments would be cool! im so sick of this stock engine i can taste it!!!!!
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ok. first and foremost: one doesn't put power "into" an engine. one extracts power from an engine.

next, i think that a really good tune-up (replace ALL serviceable IGN components incl: spark plugs, wires, timing check), oil change, air filter change (do a drop-in K&N if you don't already have one), fluids change (trans lube, oil change, coolant sys flush/fill), fuel injection service (maybe just a BG 401K treatment and some 'good' gas, clean the throttle body), and valve adjustment would actually make your car feel like you got more power out of it.
thanks for your input!!! but what do you think about an engine swap???
search for info on tercel swaps

there is even a sticky about it

also check out
sorry dude,
patricklong said:
whats a cheep and easy way ...
does not usually =

patricklong said:
engine swap???
what engine out of the ones in the sticky do you think would be the best for my 96 tercel??? im still new at this and am not shure what engine to put in it! thanks for all the input!
if your looking for cheao and easy as far as a swap goes

immediate power =4efte: a bit harder to install, with some custome wiring, but basically everything bolts right up (135hp stock turbo i beleive)

more power for the future = 5efhe, bolts right up, but youll have to swap your ignition system as the fhe's have a distributor and you 5efe doesn't... but the 5efhe's are big strong engines with good compression, and take well to upgrades. (stock about 115hp methinks)

SIDE NOTE: i had a 5efhe installed in my 1992 tercel and i'm picking it up in the morning
a 4efte swap would run approx. $2500...gotta think the engine/trans-$800-$1000 shipped, custom wiring harness-$450, tune-up stuff on it (timing belt/tensioner/water pump), installation, and any other odds/ends-(coolant, oil, clamps, hoses, belts, plugs, wires, cap, rotor) etc. not to mention boost gauge, turbo timer, boost controller, blah blah blah

depending on your miles on your engine-
underdrive pulley, intake, plugs, wires, headers, full exhaust, fuel pressure regulator, etc.

that might be your route-check my post on your other thread and search- like a madman
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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