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How do i get the bulb out of here?

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i got the etc button out but i cant find the bulb...i know it has to be inside here somewhere...anybody know??

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i think its on the side of it. look for something that looks like a plastic philips screw head. it should be attached to that.
hope that helps.
i saw that...its like brown (but i think it looks like a flat head) to some very JDM japanese letters.... how do i get the bulb out of there...just twist or something??

too bad i left that thing in the glove compartment...i could look right now
yeah it doesnt twist fully like a screw would. Just about a milimeter or two counterclockwise and it should pop out. Once you get it out the bulb will be wired to it in a similar fashion that the bulb behind the dash at the 140 mph mark. Im sure you'll be able to figure it out if you had the peice in fornt of you
yep thanks got it...its a really small bulb andi think it was soldered in...i removed the green condom and sharpied it red...ill see how it looks tonight...when it gets dark.....we should have a stick with all the interior lighting info in one place...
need help...ect wont light up anymroe

the after i took out the ect and put it back wont light up...anybody know way...could i not have screwed the bulb in far enough?
When I did the same thing to the lights in the a/c and defroster button they wouldn't work. If you were rough getting the bulb out, you might of broke the filamint also if you painted over any of the contacts the bulb won't work. I had to order new bulbs from Toyota. The new ones work great and I painted them red. The new ones will have a condom on it and the plastic holder all included. The bulbs are very expensive about $4-5 dollars a piece.
i was really careful and i used sharpie so i dont see why the contacts would be bad...i think maybe i just didnt put it in all the gonna be mad if i have to order a new take it back out tommorow and take a look...thanks for the info
ur welcome, Those little bulbs are such a pain. i painted all of my dash lights red my only suggestion, dont paint the speedo lights they get to hot. My nice red speedo is now a amber color. Next time i take my dash apart I am going to buy new lights that will stay red
i have some reverse glow gauges sitting im my room waiting to be im just gonna take the condoms off those lights(the ones by the needles i think) when i get around to it...thanks for the heads up though
When you do there is one small light on the bottom corner by the fuel guage that also has a green condom on it. it looks kindof like the rest. I think the plastic holder is a different color. But I hope i can save you some time since I put my dash back together and had a green corner
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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