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How do I get the subwoofer out of my Access cab?

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Okay so I bought the Tacoma Access cab (the little one) and now I'm starting to do some upgrades.
I've found the stereo system that I want to move up to but for some reason I can't get that ugly eyesore of a subwoofer off of the back wall of the cab. I know that there are 4 bolts that hold it on but for some reason I can't even get the cover off to get to the top 2 bolts. :headbang:

Can someone help me? :confused:

What would be a bigger help is if someone (ANYONE) could shoot me some pictures of how to take it off and what to expect once it's been removed. Not too sure if there is a gaping hole behind it or if it's just a couple of small holes or what...

So, is there anyone on here that could help a poor noob out?

I'm sure that there are several of you that are laughing and thinking "poor guy, can't even take the subwoofer out" but seriously, for a very mechanically inclined guy I'm stumped about this. I thought that it was just a "pull directly out" kind of set up which would reveal the mounting bolts but for some reason I just can't budge the cover. Please help!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and throw up some pix of what's behind there once I get it off...that may tell me all I need to know. If it's a giant hole then I might just forget about it (unless some of the Taco gurus can offer some suggetions). Thanks!! :thumbsup:
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hi welcome to the forums , Im sure someone will chime in soon to help.
Welcome to the forums. Someone with a newer Taco should chime in
...thanks for the welcome guys!!

Sorry I didn't go to the welcome spot....I figured I'd just jump right in.
your access cab has a subwoofer? is that new for '09? my 08 doesn't have a sub.
I'm guessing hes got an x-runner. i don't know much about the other 09' models but the 09 x-r has a funky "x" type box in between the two rear seats so if so welcome to the club lol if not, still check out pretty sure theres already a tutorial on removing it.
Nope it's not a's a regular ole' Tacoma Access Cab SR5.

It's got that funky looking subwoofer right in the back betwen where the passengers would sit (if they were infant "little" people). :lol:

No seriously, it's got a funky looking sub in there that is COMPLETELY useless for anything but deterring thieves from the good stuff. If I could find a way to get in there I'd hide my guns, money, and jewels in there and they'd never even think about taking them because it is so hideous. Yes really!!

So, can anyone help me?

I'd throw a picture up on here of the subwoofer schematics and/or a real life picture but I don't have the ability to add attachments. :headbang:
Are you sure you didn't order the Flux Capacitor option?
Are you sure you didn't order the Flux Capacitor option?
just pull out the blender between the seats, that will gain access!
Check with TN member ROBSATX. He's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the audio system in our trucks.
This guy took his off. It was posted just a couple below your's. I hope it helps you?
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