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How do I get to the passenger side a/c vent?

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I have a '92 Camry. Need to put a LED in the front passenger vent. How do I get to the inside of it? Do I need to take out the glove box?
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how would i get a wire from the inside of the vent to the head unit? Thats where i spliced the power. I don't know of any way to get it there by hiding it. Unless it requires me to dimantle the glove box and dash. But I don't know how to do that. Was hoping for some help on that.

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Are you taking about the cover thing? Cause that you can pop out w/ a screwdriver. But it may take a lil work. Then i guess you can reach in and put your led in. I am not sure about putting back in though I assume you just pop it back.

I kno about this because i am parting a car out and someone wanted the a/c vent cover things.
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