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How do I properly remove the "Corolla" name of my 2009 Corolla XRS

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I am wondering if anyone had advice on how to remove the "Corolla" off the back of my car. I have a 2009 Corolla XRS in Grey Metallic.

I just wanted to make sure there are no pins holding it. It seems there is 2 sided tape holding the name plate on there.

Any advice?
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i heard some people use dental floss and use Goo Gone to remove the leftover glue from the tape on your car
Use a heat gun to warm the area first.

Follow up with cleaner wax after the goo gone.
Tape or Pins holding the name plate on

Do you know if it is just tape holding it on. Some cars they use pins that go into the metal. I dont want hole's after it is removed. Dealerships are closed today as it is sunday so I cant ask them.
heat up. floss or or just rip it off. googone. for all my badges, i didnt even need googone(double sided tape just came off)
Pretty much, Blow Dryer, Floss/Fishing Line, Goo Gone

Here is a DIY
If you have some kingsford charcoal lighter fluid at home, you know, for BBQ!!! use it and save $5 for goo gone. It's work as good as goo gone or even better... :thumbsup:

So, I used a heat gun on low heat and applied it for about 45 sec to 1 min.
I was able to slowly pull the name plate off no problem. Removed some of the glue with my fingers and methly hydrate and varsol worked excellent.

Applied some turle wax after and can even tell there was a label there.
Thank for the tips.
Not to thread jack, but is the front 'S' simply adhesive as well?
Not to thread jack, but is the front 'S' simply adhesive as well?
i believe it is not
No, the front emblem is clipped to the grille.

How would I go about removing it?
Open up the hood and look at the back of it. You should see clips holding it in place. Just use a flat-head screw driver to pry it out while you pull from the front.
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