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If you REALLY want to do it, take a deep breath, and:
Pull up the footrest
Pry up both front door sills
Remove both outer footwell panels by unscrewing the rubber knob and pulling rearward
Remove 2 bolts and pull out the lower left-hand instrument panel
Remove the upper instrument cluster panel, just push in the center of the two pins to remove them then pull the cluster out
Now the upper center panel can be pulled out
Remove the glove compartment door piston and then remove the door
Remove the latch bolt and pull out the lower right-hand dash panel
Now your lower center panel will pull out as I see you've alrealy gotten the bolt out.

Lots of parts, but not too hard.

You might want to keep a note of how many connectors you disconnect from each panel as you go. I always think I'll remember but never fail to forget one that makes me do the whole thing over again. In fact I should just write the number with a sharpie on the back of each panel as I go, and then I'll know next time.

The hardest thing is probably removing the glove box piston. I think it's easiest to remove the top of the piston, by prying it to the center of the truck. When reattaching it, it goes on the bottom hole.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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