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How do I shut off the engine light without disc. battery?

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2006 Corolla S
Just hit 10000 miles and the service engine light came on.
I shut it off at 5000 but forgot how now. Something to do with the odometer button.

Thanks and I'll write it down this time :)
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I found it.
Key off, hold in odometer button, turn key on :)
Joka said:
I found it.
Key off, hold in odometer button, turn key on :)
really???? that shuts it off??? I thot u had to do the battery trick

Bitter said:
i think that procedure resets the oil change light :dunno:
Thats what I thought that is how I do it when I change the old, didnt know the engine light and the main light go off tho.... maybe u meant the main req light and not the service engine light????

go down to autozone or equivalent, ask them to read your CEL and then ask them to erase it for you.

Hope, you might be sucessful to turn check engine light. Isn't it?

But, my personal advice is just not to turn it off, if it turns on again until you pull-out proper DTC code(s). Coz when ECU detects malfunction in fuel, air, exhaust syestems which are relateted with optimum performance of engine, ECU sets the specific code which is registered in memeory and triggers the check engine light on on second scan cycle.

If you ignore the warning, keep resetting and keep running it deteriotes the engine performace and may cause permanent damage in a long run.

Next time when check engine light turns-on, better you rent a code reader from Auto-Zone or some other mechanic shop and pull-out the DTC code. Once you have proper code(S), any community member can help you out with proper information coz most of the time maintenance is very easy to do it by ourselves. No need to understand complete rocket science.

This will improve your running efficiency too coz just re-setting without proper maintenance forces ECU to run in a fail safe mode (factory default mode) which ignores real-time data inputs from various sensors.

Still, there is a method for re-setting check engine light without disconnecting battery terminal but not always safe or simply not recommended.
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