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I need to check the timing on my 89 camry 4cyl. I've searched the posts, but can't find a clear answer. Do I need to take off the timing cover (big job) or is there another way?

What should a healthy, stock timing read for this car?

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Ignition timing:

1. Start car and jumper pins TE1 & E1 on the diagnostic connecter under the hood.

2. Place tranny in neutral. Make sure the parking brake is set.

3. Hookup a timing light to the #1 plug wire. Stock setting is 10 degrees BTDC.

Crank and cam timing:

1. Remove upper timing belt cover.

2. Rotate (clockwise) the crank to TDC (0 degrees). You might have to rotate the crank 2 full turns depending on where the cam is at.

3. Check the alignment marks. Crank pulley should be at 0 degrees. And the hole on the cam gear should line up with the mark on the bearing cap behind it.
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