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Christmas is coming! Travel becomes a big problem, how do you cope with it? Eonon is telling you! Do you have other good ideas? :cool:;) Let's share!

There's nothing very jolly about standing in a long queue at the airport, or sitting in traffic on the highway out of the city when you should have been lying in that hammock, swimming in the pool or chilling at the beach hours ago. However, that's what often happens in the peak Christmas travel season, when everyone hits the roads and airport and tempers start to fray. Here are our top tips for keeping your cool this Christmas travel season.

Be digital
If you're flying, check in online in the 24 hours before your flight and save yourself a lot of standing around at the airport. There will still be a queue for bag drop-off but it tends to move fairly quickly. Online check-in also allows you to choose your seat. An Eonon Car DVD player is a good entertainment device for your drive!

Prepare for crowds
Sydney Airport says Friday, December 18, and Saturday, December 19, will be the busiest days at the airport this year, along with January 2 and 3, when many people will be returning home. If you're travelling on or around those days, plan to get to the airport long before your flight and prepare yourself for long queues.

Time your drive
The NRMA expects the busiest days on the roads to be the last day of school (December 18), two days before Christmas (December 23) and the day after Boxing Day (December 27), along with January 4.
Statistics about car breakdowns show the worst period on Christmas Day is between 10am and 2pm, while Boxing Day is busy from 10am onwards.
The NRMA says morning traffic tends to peak later in holiday periods, due to so many commuters being on annual leave, so travel early in the morning if you can.

Pack light
It's hard to pack light at Christmas but it does make life easier, as well as help you avoid excess-baggage charges. If arriving at your destination well before Christmas Day, consider doing at least some of your shopping when you get there, as airlines have little Christmas spirit when it comes to overweight bags.

Pack smart
Don't be among the many who cause delays at airport security checkpoints by packing sharp objects, aerosols and other prohibited items in hand luggage.
If you're travelling overseas, remember there are also restrictions on liquids in hand luggage: each item must be 100 millilitres or less and all containers must be in a clear, zip-lock bag.
If you're carrying Christmas gifts, it's best not to wrap them, as they need to be available for inspection.

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Let's go on!

Pack safe

Don't put presents in your checked-in luggage unless you absolutely have to. Christmas is the busiest time of year for air travel, meaning a greater chance of luggage going astray, so make the most of your seven-kilogram-a-person carry-on baggage allowance.

Most airlines allow laptops, handbags and cameras to be carried on in addition to the allowance, which leaves more room for small gifts.

Cover yourself

Most Australians don't take out travel insurance for domestic trips; some don't even do so for international trips. If ever there was a time to take out insurance, the peak Christmas travel season is it, especially if you're carrying gifts. Online insurance providers have really brought down the cost of insurance and it's money well spent.

Think ahead

If you're going to need airport transfers, airport parking, hotel parking or other arrangements, book it now. Seeing the "car park full" sign when you have a flight to catch can make you feel wretched and you shouldn't assume hotels will have parking available when rooms are fully booked. If you're likely to be arriving late at your accommodation, you may need to call and make arrangements to collect a key or be given an access code.

Be distracted

If you're flying, get yourself that book you've been wanting to read so you can turn waiting time into relaxation rather than frustration. Accept that things are going to take longer than normal and use the time enjoyably.

If you're driving, downloading some podcasts or new music before you leave can make a big difference. If you're going on a long drive with children in the car, a cheap, Car DVD player like Eonon may help bring peace and goodwill.

Don't forget your Christmas spirit

If there's one guarantee about the summer travel season, it's that there will be spectacular tantrums in the airport and on the roads - and we're not talking about children.

In the airport, remember the staff are doing their best to get thousands of passengers on the right planes at the right times - it's not in an airline's interest to take off late.

On the roads, it helps to remember that everyone else is trying to get to their holiday destination as well. Wear a Santa hat, listen to music, do whatever it takes to remember that Christmas is supposed to be fun, not survival of the fittest.

Eonon wish you a happy and safe jouney! Merry Christmas!
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