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How do you take the tail lights off of a 2010 Toyota Corolla?

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I am wanting to switch tail lights out of my car. Does anyone know how to remove the tail lights??? Any videos, DIY tutorials, anything would be great!!!!!
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i am guessing that you don't have the corolla manual but it is really easy, for the light that is in the trunk lid you just have to tack out the black plastic cover and there you have access to that part just disconnect the bulb by turning it clockwise or counter clockwise, really don't remember, and unscrew those bolts. take out the part of the tail light and replace it with the new one, now for the part of the tail light that is actually on the trunk you just have to take out the plastic clips that hold the black cover of the trunk and once you take out some of the clip, because you don't have to take them all out, just push out the cover and there you have access to that part that is also just to unscrew and replace, oh i almost forgot for this part you don't take out the bulb you just disconnect a wire that has like a plastic little box that feeds all the bulb in that part, your new tail light should have the other part of the box to connect it to, hope this is of some use, but if not try you tube or something there is all ways people doing how to in their :D
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Indeed, there should be detailed instructions and images in your Manual!
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