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How Do?

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Ok, so here I am and there you are. My name is Chris. I was linked to this site through and decided this site could benefit me as well. See all the losers I hang out with and go wheelin', all drive those cute little Jeeps, that I have to pull out of the mud, (and I am the one who gets all the $h!t for owning a Toyota!!). So I am reaching out to find other Toyota and Tacoma lovers to help combat these little egg crate on wheels panzies. So anyway hello.

PS any one on the east cost who can do the dash gauge Blue led lighting change on an 05 Tacoma, Wanna make some money? I would love to have it done, but my soldering is shite!!!!
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you have a great journey over your jeep! BTW, all the users here are not looser. . .

welcome the forum . . .
At least here I have people who appreciate Toyota's. Truth be known I used to like Jeeps, until they gave me crap for driving a Toyota. Another plus is it seems like there is no question I have about mods or any other thing I need for my Tacoma that has not been answered in searching thru the forum posts. Thanks for having me:D
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