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Well, nobody is answering this so I'll give it a shot:

The 22r is an 8 valve engine, the 2RZFE (or 3RZFE) are 16 valve engines.

They are both rock solid, but you have to consider the complexity which is a trade-off in power and efficiency.

I think the 2RZFE is every bit as reliable as the 22R but give up something in complexity, if that makes sense.

To get the increased power and efficiency, you have to give up something, so if I had to pick an engine for extreme circumstances, maybe the 22R because it is simpler to repair and rock solid.

For day-to-day, though, give me the 2RZFE, because it has the power and efficiency that were lacking in the 22R. Yeah, have to adjust more valves, have the shim and buckets, don't know what else someone will point out that is different, but just give her her maintenance and she'll run fine and reward you in daily driving.

My $0.02. Chipsndukes

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Yes I know its an old thread.

Not looking for a comparison (2RZ vs. 22RE)

Looking to get a Taco soon with a 2RZ, MT. How has the 2RZ treated those who have owned one? Anything specific I should watch out for?

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I once owned a 1983 Toyota truck with the 22-RE. It had 415,000 miles on it when I let it go. A couple of years later it was still running.

Bought my Tacoma 2.4 - 2RZ-FE in 2004. It has close to 97,000 miles on it now. I also have another car that I "rotate" with, hence the reason for the low miles.

At 60,000 the '04 Tacoma started dripping coolant underneath the water pump when the outdoor temps got down around freezing or below. Turns out the coolant was coming out the weep hole. Had to replace with a dealer provided water pump.

A couple of years ago I had to replace the air fuel sensor. It look just like an O2 sensor, but sits upstream from the O2 sensor. Truck threw a code indicating the AF sensor, relay or ECM was bad. I had just cleaned the engine a few days before at the car wash. Suspect that may had caused the CEL, but I had done this many times before without issue, so I'm speculating that the engine wash was the culprit.

The 2RZ-FE is pretty straight-forward when it comes to maint. work. The oil filter is a bit of a pain to get to, but certainly doable. Air filter and spark plugs are easy to get to. Transmission fluid, be it manual or automatic is easy to get at, as is the differential fluid. My '04 automatic has a dipstick for the transmission, unlike the newer models.

In my opinion, you really don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining the 2RZ-FE. You could do a lot worse.
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