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I realize that the 4WD will kill some of the acceleration, but I haven't been able to drive one (dealer doesn't have any on the lot.) Anyone have any experience with it?

To be honest, I liked driving the Scion xA more than the Matrix, but I think the 4WD will serve me better in the snow and will be safer in general. Thoughts?? Thanks!!

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Naturally, I read this post *after* I wrote mine. Anyway,

Me: 28, Female. Greenwich Village, NYC denizen moving to Fairfield, CT on Monday.
Mine: The #1 or 9 train for the past 11 years.
Mods: I forgot what this one means. What I plan to do with my car? Um, drive it.

Hope that's sufficient. Thanks for any/all help.

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the handling of the 4wd is good. i have one with stock suspension for 7 months and i like it as stock but i love a lower look so i decide to drop it.

FYI mods means what are you going to do with it like performance wise (stereo, speed)

but it seems like your just useing it as a daily driver so don't worry too much about that.

if i had to choose for a car for a drive A to B i choose the Xa, b/c of price and maybe the gas consumption.

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