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How Long can you leave nitrous bottle turned on?

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Hope this is not a dumb questions, but let's say I decide not to get the automatic bottle opener for my nitrous kit (nitrous express EFI stage 1 50 hp shot). And let's say i go for a long road trip (500+miles), and have the nitrous bottle opened since the start of the drive (in case I get to a stretch of freeway with no cops in site hehee ) The bottle is opened, but I will have the arming switch off. Is this ok for the nitrous bottle to be opened for, say, 1-2 hrs, since that'll be when I stop for gas, break, restroom, etc? Will nitrous leak out, or would it be harmful to the system? or should i invest in an automatic bottle opener...i rather not bec it's like $230! it's even more than the installation cost of the entire nitrous system!
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no opinions? i am planning on buying a nitrous express Stage 1 50hp shot nitrous kit this weekend, and if i "need" a remote bottle opener for when i go on long trips etc, i rather get it all installed at the same time...any advice i would really appreciate! thanks
I dont know the answer to your question, but I would say get the opener.
I would get the remote opener because if you leave the bottle open, the solinodes (sp?) will still leak a little bit of nitrous into the enigne. If it leaks alot while your engine is off, when you turn on your engine get ready for a big boom and some flying parts... (I think that big boom would cost more then the opener too.;) )

But I still think there is a chance of having the opener leak too.
Yeah you are going to want to get an auto bottle opener. Trust me on this one.
Why not install the bottle under the seat or somethin? where you can reach it inside the car?

maybe thats a dumb suggestions....I know nothin about nitrous :p
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