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How low is too low?

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I've been searching thru the Camry forum but havent found a good answer to my question. Im going to do suspension work soon which includes new shocks, springs, bar. mounts, rotors and all that good stuff. Nothing too glamorous though. I was looking at the EIBACH LOWERING SPRINGS which will lower me 1.2" front and 1.0" rear from factory specs. My question is: If I install these spings and decide to get a decent (as in Erebuni) body kit all around; what are chances that I will rip up my kit on the average speed bump (going over it slowly of course)? Lets assume I will be running on descent sized wheels and tires (225/40/18).

I have read about other people ripping their kits off but never got the details on whether their suspension was lowered or what kind of tires they were riding on.

Just some general advice, experience and practical solutions will be greatly appreciated.
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There are guys on here with a 1.6" drop, and possibly lower than that.

IMO I wouldn't go lower than 1.6" all around, otherwise you might have problems..

Oh and with the Eibach's I don't think you will rip anything off your car. Lot of people use those, they are good springs :thumbup:

Also just use the usual caution when going up driveways, over speedbumps, go at an angle, remembering your exhaust, etc etc
yeh i have a 2 inch drop, they seem fine as long as you go really slow over speed bumps and you got no bodykit (geez that would be a pain in the ass). i wouldnt really go any lower
my friend's car a civic and intergra. barely sometimes dont make it over speedbumps. they both have about 2.25' and about 3.5' both with front lips. if they make it over they normal mess up their exhast under the car. not the tip but like near the cat. converter.

i always get a chuckle about it. cause i'm always zooming next to speed bumps and they have to go like 5 mph or less
yeah i have a friend with a 2.5" drop on his civic but he doesnt have a kit or lip on his car. he says if he knew what he knows now he would have never done it. The only upside to slamming your car like that is that your handling will greatly improve( if you change struts and all ).
slamming your car is an easy way to lower the car's centre of gravity, for cornering or especially for the track it helps... but there's a compromise as your car IS STILL driven on streets... with pot holes, steep driveways and speed bumps, etc. practicality and safety should be your first concern, looks and performance second.
really also depends on the grade of driveways. some driveways where i live are so bad that even i scrape with my high ass wagon. you just have to take them slow and go at them at an angle.
What kind of ppl will be riding your car weight-wise?
I had a 2.5" drop but no body kit. I'd say your safe, so long as you're careful, with a 1.6". ...but it really does depend on your area roads and drive ways.
Slamming your ride does not equal better performance. I laugh my ass off when I hear ricers say they can take turns so fast now after putting in lowering springs. (possibly real, due to off camber wheels, telltale signs of an amateur job) What will make you handle better is upgraded struts along with this lowered center of gravity. Plus lowering to the extreme will fvck up your suspension geometry.

- Paul
remember also about how much YOU weigh, and how many ppl you usually take in your car.....

if you weigh lbs and you usually carry another passenger who weighs, say, 200lbs+, if you drop your car alot, you may be scraping left and right
i have about a 2" drop its coo with rim but on stocks jus be aware of the road have a lil trouble getting in my driveway
another thing i've noticed with camry's compared to other cars that are lowered: the actual frame and what not that is under the car sits much lower than the body itself, where as civics, intergas..etc everything underneath is pretty much flush or even with the body itself.

I have a 2" drop with a bodykit and it made it hella hard to drive (but could also be due to my small ass wheels[185/70])
[also took the kit off for this reason and am going with a lip kit]

its not bad, just look out for what everyone else said, steep driveways, huge potholes, and running off roads with little to no shoulders.

Good Luck! :thumbup:
Instead of going over speed bumps normally try and take them sideways. Going straight down a driveway with a car as long as the camry is the worst way to approach it. Go sideways so the car angles down slowly. I've been using Sprint Springs and stock struts on steelies with minimal problems. There are times when you will scrap but other wise i can drive my camry just like a normal car. Like said before civics and integras are easier to drive slammed because they are shorter in length.
Thanks for all of the input guys! Very helpful. I weight 220lbs and usually only have something pretty weighing about 135 on the passenger's side. The roads around here are pretty descent but my apartment complex has one hell of a speed bump at the main entrance. So bad that if the front tire pressure (stock) is low or I have a passenger the car goes 'bump' right after the front axle clears the bump. Very annoying! I use the side entrance now but that experience has put the fear of God in me now that I am going to invest $1K in a bodykit.
Of all the replies I see here, most of you dont have both lowering spings and a body kit on the Camry. And the one guy that did, took it off just for the same reason I am worried about. I see now that steep driveways, pot holes and low curbs are kit killers. I guess I will keep the spring that I have, change the shocks, put a bodykit on and pray I never meet that driveway with my kit's name on it at the wrong angle.

thanks again
dude, if you really want the more low look, just go for it...for the most part, all you'll do is scrape

if you've ever had a car with a kit that you daily drive, you'll realize that scraping is no big's paint scratch on the bottom...every time i see a kitted out car, i sure as hell don't look under the bumper and say to my friends, dude, this guy scraped the shit out of his

if you hit something or bang your car up enough to the point that your kit will dislodge itself from the tape/screws that are holding it together, it'll happen whether or not you have the drop...

after you get your first scratch with the kit on, you'll be sad...then you'll get over it and every scratch after that is no big deal

but that's how i personally feel, although not all the time...after i put my drop on, i got seriously pissed that i couldn't get up my driveway to park in the garage without serious scrapage...i left the majority of the bottom of it unpainted so i don't care about the paint...i just dislike the noise cause it's like i'm hurting she sits in the street open to the poor poor new paintjob :(
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