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How many degrees of caster are you guys running with TC UCAs to center your wheel....

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in the wheel well. I am running about 3.3 degrees and my tire still needs to move forward almost an inch to be centered. Not only is it kinda ugly like this, but my tire rubs on the fender due to it. If I could just move the tires forward a little it would be cured. I know some people on here claim that the wheel is centered with TC UCAs, how many degrees of caster are you running to do this? What are the adverse affects to this? I figure I will need about 5 degrees of caster to move my tire enough to clear with no rubbing, do I have this much adjustment with 2.5 of lift. I know the arms are supposed to be good up to 3 inches so I would assume I can go that high with caster? Will I get vibration doing this?
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I have mine a little over 3.5. Pretty centered with under 2" of lift up front. Maybe you need another .5" of lift up front?
Do you have a side pic of your truck with the wheels straight. I want to get an idea of what yours looks like?
That still looks like it is too far back.
It doesn't rub and it is pretty close to center. Sorry I don't have a closer shot.
Do you think it is possible to squeeze 5 degrees of caster out of this truck with the TC UCAs. This is the only thing that can center that tire.
i hav had 5* of caster before. A LOT of bumpsteer
a lot of bump steer, that sucks. I wonder if I will get a lot of bump steer with 4 degrees.
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