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How many drive wheels?

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Hello, I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla CE. I recently had a problem in snow where I slipped slightly off the road and could not get out of a muddy shoulder. I noticed that my right front wheel was spinning like mad but my left front wheel didn't move at all. A couple of nice people stopped and gave me a push as I backed out slowly with the right wheel spinning only. I was under the impression that front wheel drive was with two drive wheels in the front. Is what I experienced normal or should I take my car into the shop?:confused:
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You have an open differential. Only one wheel is going to drive at a time. Sadly, it'll be the one with less grip.
Thank you, Aaron, for your response. I need to do some automotive homework. I went to a site called "How Stuff Works" and found out how an open differential works. Now it all makes sense. Thank you, again.
Thank you, also, Evil. Very interesting, indeed.
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