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My first car was a '73 celica st. I got it when I was 16 in the spring of 1984. It was white with an aftermarket cloth rollback roof. It was sweet. I replaced the shocks/struts and put some low profile fats on it and drove the local mountain roads like I was on rails. My brother threw the timing chain at about 100mph and destroyed the topend. I replaced the 18rc (??) with an 18rg (??) 1.8l DOHC engine out of a Tokyo taxi. It went even faster than stock. I foolishly sold it after 3 years and regret it to this day.

My next toyota was an 79 4x4 pu. It rusted out from under me but still ran like a champ.

I had a few years of toyotalessness. The dark VW years.

My next was a '91 corolla 4 door sedan. Plain jane but fun. I sold it with 358 000 km on the odometer. All I ever did was tires, brakes, muffler, thermostat and shocks.

The '91 was replaced a '95 corolla wagon. My wife still drives it with almost 400 000 km on it. The engine is itred but it has never needed anything but tires, brakes..... and oil lots of oil lately.

From '81 to 03 my dad owned 3 Celicas which I drove regularly. He recently sold his '91 gts. I wanted it but it was impractical with a wife & 3 kids so I sadly turned down the opportunity to buy it for dirt.

Sadly, I currently drive a Ford Diesel. It is an adequate vehicle but it aint no Toyota. I just wish the Tundra came with a diesel in Canada. I sure would like to replace my Corrola with a Camry wagon diesel but they do not exist in Canada. I saw one in yurp and wanted to import it but it never happened.

Bootsing the 165
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- 87 Celica GTS (got it as a bday gift from mom and dad, its now one year and im parting it out) only think bad was the shocks
- 88 Celica All-trac (GT4) all i can say is :D

2001 Toyota Prius
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1983 Corolla Wagon (Current)
1986 Corolla GT-S hatchback (Current)

Immediate Family: 5

1988 Corolla 1.6 GL 5 door Hatchback (Only 60000km and power everything, but no one want it, so sell in to junkyard in hk for $100)
1997 Toyota Celica GT-S (Totaled)
1998 Toyota RAV4 (my sister ride)
2001 Toyota Prius (my ride, but under parent's name)
2001 Lexus IS300 (my parents ride)

still chuggin' along
1981 Corolla SR5
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Me and my family:
1981 Corolla SR5 - Mine
1985 Celica GT-S (R.I.P.) - was my bro's
1980 Corolla (sold) - My dad
1989 Corolla GT-S - my OTHER bro's
1992 Toyota Truck - My Dad's
hmm...I think there were more, but I can't remember. I was probably too young to remember anyways,lol

GT-i Crew
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AE82 Corolla, sold it to a neighbor 5 blocks down the street
AE102 Corolla, replaced by:
ST184 Celica GT-S 92 replaced by:
AE111 Corolla, replaced by
ST182 Celica GT-i 92 Euro spec (current)

AE101 Corolla, stolen and never heard of again
FJ60 Land Cruiser 82, 24 years and still runing like day 1
SVX10 Camry 95 GL, Dad's daily beater
EP90 Starlet 98 XL, Mom's personal taxi

9 in total.... Toyota freaks..? Yeah. :D
Next car.? It would have been a Celica but since Toyota insisted on killing it then I guess I will have to see what the local Honda or Subaru dealer has in stock :disappoin

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96 Camry Coupe
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1988 Camry Le
1994 Camry Le
1996 Camry Le Coupe
1992 Camry Ce
2003 Corolla S

In that order

19?? Van
1988 Corolla
1993 Camry Le
1995 Camry Le
1997 Camry
1999 Camry
2001 Highlander
2002 Highlander
2003 Sienna
2003 Corolla

I think that is all.:D

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im 18, so personally, none. My family has owned 2, only 1 of which is still living.

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Well let's see what we currently own:

(2) 1991 MR2s
2000 Corolla
2000 Camry
2005 tC

1989 Camry
1988 Corolla (carburated :lol: ) - try starting that in really cold weather

No Supra yet ...
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