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How many using TPMS sensors on aftermarkets?

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As the title says, thought I'd post the general question to see how many opt one way or the other. How many out there are using transferred stock TPMS sensors or new ones or left em off aftermarket rims?
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I did, moved them to my new wheels
I use aftermarket TPMS's on aftermarket wheels. Sold the original set together with the original rims/tires. Works just fine.
I transferred mine.
I will transfer mine when I'm ready to change my wheels, only God knows when... ;)
The light really doesn't bother me as i told you before so i don't even want to bother going back and forth when i switch to winter wheels and tires. Or buying new ones.

Anything with that nail in the tire?
I transferred the Lexus TPMS when I bought then sold the GS rims. It's basically the same as Toyota anyway.
i will be using the stock TPMS on my G35 wheels.
TPMS sensors came with my TRD wheels, but I never had them reprogrammed. I not going to waste money on that as I am keeping my original wheels.
Wheels are ordered Jay, I was glad to got to see that pearl blue....loved it man!
I was curious and posted this question because I don't really want to have my mechanic take apart the wheels after DiscountTire has mounted and balanced them already. It does seem that most everyone decided to transfer em over to the aftermarkets. I dunno, just a matter of having my mechanic go back and forth with the sensors every time I change wheels (seasonally)....what prompted my concern for going to the well twice in a week was this:
Discount Tire called me last night to tell me that they scratched a rim in the mounting process and have to re-order one from manufacturer, which doesn't make me want to have the shop do that whole process over again for the sensors, I gotta decide tho.

Redline, that nail or w/e it is, is chilln in my tire without leaving well enough alone for now, I can always have it looked at whenever, once that wheel comes off in another week or two.
thanks tim.
about your tpms if the light bothers you after you installed your new wheels then you have to put the tpms. but if not its upto you. are you going to use your stock steelies for winter or not? just a suggestion, put your tpms on your new wheels and balance it again and leave the stocks without the tpms because your just going to use ur stock 3 to 4 months max and your new wheels 9 months in a year.
You're prob right, the wheels that are worn MOST of the time SHOULD get the sensors. That's the deciding factor. Guess my mechanics gonna re-do the mount'n'balance. Gonna flip if they scratch em!!! Last thing I thought I'd get was a 9:30 EST call from DiscountTire telling me THEY scratched em. This is my first set of aftermarkets, so am so nervous about people f'ing em up
Like the cars..after a certain while, you'll just say fuck it.
Living in NY you really gotta be careful with those curbs. I curbed my rim at the car wash of all places last year and i was ready to cry.

Good luck with your new wheels when they are on and post up some pics.
just be sure to pick a reputable shop who are expert on installing wheels and tires. don't go to pepboys, sears or anything like that. go to a shop who are selling aftermarket wheels and tires only. they use a plastic cover to cover the lip to avoid scratching it. it really depends on the mechanic if they installed tires on aftermarket wheels before you should not to worry. what size are your wheels? i went to pepboys lol and they did a great job not scratching it. so it depends really on the person who's installing it.
wanted to go to my mechanic so I dont have to pay alot on the sensor transfer, don't think he's using a plastic lip cover on install. Prob your basic shop mount machine w/e it's called, we've all seen em.

17" wheels
not I, screw that waste of time and money. The light barely comes on anyways with aftermarket wheels and if it bothers you just remove the bulb :)
I am also trying to figure out if I have the time for the whole caliper painting process, to have them painted before new wheel/tire install.
But it just seems like I won't have the time:thumbsdow Damn it!
Hope it doesn't look bad with stock setup
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