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what system should i choose?

  • JBL 4 channel and separate amp for midbass

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • viper 5 channel

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • other (please post what other would be)

    Votes: 1 33.3%
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ok, here's the question. I have a few options as far as a way to:
1)fix the bum channel on my phoenix gold ti200
2)go from two channel mids and highs to four
3)add some midbass to my ride
those are not necessarliy in the prioritized order as I would like to accomplish all of them.
I can either:
a) buy a JBL 4 channel amp for my mids and highs and get something else t o run the pair of kicker ssmb8's I will get
b)get a viper 5 channel amp and use the fifth channel to run both 8's
I have basically a one channel amp now and that's driving me crazy, can it be fixed?:hammer:
what sort of amp is best to run Midbass, a mono or an A/b?
I like the idea of the viper as it is the most cost efficient, but how many watts do my mb quarts really need? they say 30-80, and with this new setup they'd be getting 35 a piece, will I lose clarity or volume? :eek:
I think that that is the main question, how much power should I have running the components? and does anyone know any other quality 5 channel amps?:thumbup:
please help

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It really depends on your wallet, if it was me I would a 5 channel like a an arc 5150 that will give you 45x4 and 190 x 1, of course they are very underrated amps.

If you decide to go with a 2 amp set up then definitely get something that will push about 75 watts x 4, and then get a small 2 channel class AB amp for the 8s. Are you going active? is that why you want to bi-wire your set?

I upgraded to a 3 way set up myself with a 4 channel amp running everything, 2 channels run the midbass and the other 2 channels run my mids and highs. works perfect!

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