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How much can I get a 2006 Corolla for?

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Hey guys. I recently bought a 2005 Tacoma in July of 2005. I am planning to get a 2006 Corolla now. I need a commuter car. I was wondering how much I can get a Corolla S for with Auto and Power Windows and Locks.

My credit score is 760. What kind of payments am I looking at. I do not want to put any down payment.

Can I possibly get a good deal from the same dealer I purchased my truck at?

Thanks people!
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if you want a commuter car, i'd reccomend getting an older model corolla... but thats just my opinion.

in terms of pricing, i think the model you are reffering to can run in the 15-17k area...
A friend of mine got an 06S like last month, and it was $13,777+tax/lic.. with Auto/15" alloys/spoiler/6disc changer. It was in SoCAL.
I got my 2006 LE for a little over 14 with 2500 trade in on a dodge neon, they were asking 16-17k for it but I got a good deal with trade in and 2k down. But you have to factor in taxes and stuff too. Mine will be paid off in 3 yrs. Mine has 4 speed auto, cd changer, power locks/mirrors, cruise control, plus the usual stuff. I drove it off lot same day. Hope this helps.
You should be able to get a low-end model (CE) for under $14,000.
Id buy a 5-year-old one if you just want it for a communter car though.
Post amount to be financed.

I'll calculate and post payments on 36, 48, 60, 72 month loans.

If I forget about this thread PM me a link to it to remind me...:lol:

New Rates:

36 6.43
48 6.61
60 6.60
72 5.98

Used Rates are typically higher.

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You can get one for 16,000,000,000,000,000,000 yen lol.
new corolla r pulling 40mpg on the highway. one of the highest of any car except for hybrid cars.
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