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How much do Tollway Tickets run?

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man, im pretty pissed. i was on G. Bush Tollway today and when i got to the toll, i threw my damn .40 in and it never turned green or anything! i even threw in .50! cars were starting to wait behind me so i just went, then i heard a bell go off. im expecting a damn ticket in the mail sooner or later now, shit.

so was wondering, how much do these cost? im probably gonna see what i can do to avoid paying, shoot i paid my damn toll...
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i would've stopped and taken my money back out
should have got some help from some lazy ass toll worker

well if they have pics possibly they monitor the tolls with video?
well in cali i used to just run right thru becouse i never had change,the ticket came and it was the cost of the toll if paid in 10 days
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