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How much does Toyota charge to press a wheel bearing onto a hub?

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Does anyone have any info on how much a Toyota dealership charges JUST to press the bearing on? I've called a couple of dealerships and they say that I need to bring the truck IN! I have the parts, all I need is for the bearing to be pressed on. Has anyone had this done and if so, how much am I looking at?

Thanks Y'all
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You can take it to any shop that has a press and they can do it for probably way cheaper and far less hassle than a dealership.
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^+1. Many auto parts offer this service, but not all. Call around to find one.

Here's the problem, I've called 4 shops and they all said how much of a pain it would be, several said they're not interested, ergo, the dealership option.
A dealership service department isn't going to do that. They will only do the complete job. You need to take it to a machine shop (or a mechanic shop that is willing to do it).
If you can't find a shop that will do it, why not just go pick up a press from Harbor Freight?
This thinking outside of the box....not what you want to hear.....

Have you considered just buying the whole assembly used, from a salvage yard? (spindle) I understand that it is not the preferred way of repairing the vehicle....maybe just the easiest. Is it 2wd or 4wd? What model or year?

Sorry for not being more help....maybe if your post was in a particular section, Tundra, Tacoma, etc maybe somebody has been down this road before....
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