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Hi everybody,
This is my first post in the Sienna forum. I've had two other Toyota cars before, and now that the family is growing, here I am... another minivan customer! :)

Last night I ordered our 2011 XLE in a Toronto dealership. Really looking forward to it, but I have a sense I could have possibly gotten a better deal :facepalm:!!!

I'm hoping others would share what deal they got on their XLE (no $10K optional package) which lists in Canada for C$38,700 + fees & taxes. I got mine for C$37,100 and got the ECP 60/100 for C$1299 (C$200 off) and Rustproofing and Paint sealant both for C$700 (C$350 each instead of C$700 each). Not sure I want to go through with the ECP and Rust/Paint. It all adds up very quickly!!!

Would also be interesting to know how much less these are in the US... I considered cross border shopping, until I learned that all US Toyota dealers are prohibited to sell NEW vehicles to Canadians. They can only sell us used ones. :thumbsdow. SHAME!



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Good Deal !!

You got what some dealers refer to a skinny deal !! ie they didn't make much on the van. Funny that's what I offered at one dealer and they said NO...Went to another dealer and they reluctantly said YES, cause they needed the sale.

The ECP is a good deal and so is the rust and paint.

Three years ago we were looking for something to haul crap around and Toyota wouldn't budge on price...maybe 500 or so. You got 1600 off and half for the rust and paint.

There's a limited amount of room on new cars..Except for Dodge, GM, Ford. But they overprice everything. 14K off a new Escalade, please, can you overprice it a bit more...

You have to be careful when importing a vehicle from the States. I went thru that on a GM car. Forget about the warranty until certain factors are met...check the importing cars website with customs GOC website.

For example a Corvette had to have a new bumper, speedo and the warranty didn`t kick in for a certain mileage or time...sorry I forget. Maybe it`s not like that anymore, but check GOC website Government of Canada

There will always be a better deal and always someone that paid less. I think you got a good deal... Congrats!!!


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For me, I think Sienna's price is a little over too expensive, it's like Intel's CPUs (vs. AMD's). Since Toyota is rated no. 1 in reliability and value, they are not being cost conscious to the consumers. I just think they need to bring their price down just a bit. They are like hungry insects sucking their victims dried, this is not good. In the past, fully loaded top of the line models cost like $32K-34K max, now they are reaching the $40K plateau...this is not good. It could be the downfall of a great auto manufacturers. No matter how you look at it, they are making it only possible for the rich people to afford these vehicles. They should never forget the middle and lower class people. It's actually sad when comes to think of it.
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