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how much is it worth?

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thinking about selling my 1990 GT-S red, in very good shape body is excellent and paint is good to everything works. 193,000 kms timing belt and cam seal and crank seal both replaced. anyone know how much these go for in good shape. thanks
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(with hands in pockets whisteling i stroll over)

"yup cars like theise....sorry to say are worthless....of course me being a nice guy ill buy it from you for OH say 500 bucks" lol

prolly 1000/3000 dollar range depending on condition i paid 2800 for mine back in 04
Yeah... it just really depends. I got my car for $600.
Yeah... it just really depends. I got my car for $600.
bub i just picked up a good 91 gt for 500 last night. but yea id say 1k to 2.5k range. and miles have a lot to do with it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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