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I'm gonna need to pull the flywheel and clutch out of an 86 mr2 with the 4age, non SC. I have never worked on an mr2 before as the parts I need are for my 4agze ae92 corolla. I figured I'd first have to raise the whole car up off the ground on jackstands, then pull the two bottom bolts on each strut off to get the driveaxles out. After getting the drive axels out of the way, I suppose the crossmember would have to come down with the three bottom tranny mounts attached to it. then once the crossmember is clear of the car, and the engine is held in my it's passanger side top mount and the driver's side tranny mount, put a jack under the engine and undo the last tranny mount and slide it off after undoing all the bolts on the bellhousing. Does this seem like the easiest/accurate way of getting access to the flywheel and clutch?
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