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How much would you pay...?

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Amazingly, a yard here in town has a 1990 ES250 with only 107,000km (approx. 66,000mi) on the motor. I tried buying the car, no deal: it's a Kidney Foundation charity car, and their contract won't allow them to sell (Goddammit!!!).

This wrecker is known for high prices, so I haven't had the guts to ask yet, but how much would you guys pay for a 2VZFE with such low mileage? I'm thinking $400-$500 is an absolute maximum...but I'm getting really bad piston slap on cold mornings now and I need a donor block.
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I would think 400-500 would be reasonable for the engine, if it runs good and you don't have to rebuild it.
Who were you trying to buy the car from? The salvage yard, or the Kidney Foundation before it found it's way to the yard? Why is it in the yard now.. was it wrecked?
Remeber the difference in dollars, eh?

The 400 to 500 USD that homegrown recommends is 469 to 586 Canadian.

Good day!
Good point, timebuilder. Might be a bit high, eh? ;)
Oh, fer shure. Gotta have enough money left over for a new toque and a 2-4 of labatt's, eh?
Oh, aren't we all just comedians?!?!

But yes, 400-500USD is a little higher than what I was thinking. The car is at the wrecker's, as it was a Kidney Foundation donation (donors get tax write-offs for the book value). The engine is pretty clean, and the mileage is low. The car is actually in really good shape, with dealer receipts overflowing from the glovebox...

Hell, now that I've written all this down, I think it IS worth 400-500USD--or more. My 2VZ has almost 400,000km on it now, and it's still strong. I just need too much time to work on it (full gasket/seal job, timing belt, water pump, clutch and flywheel, brakes all around, and various body work). A good donor engine would give me the time I need for much of that, and it would give me a chance to get two 2VZFE engines in top shape for the summer when I (hopefully) get another car to put one of them in...

P.S.: Timebuilder, you've been watching Bob & Doug Mackenzie, haven't you? :D Hoser!
TBayToyotaBoy said:
P.S.: Timebuilder, you've been watching Bob & Doug Mackenzie, haven't you? :D Hoser!
Guilty as charged, but I'm also 50% canuk, myself. My dad was RCMP, and actually used a dog sled to look for stills.
TBayToyotaBoy said:
Oh, aren't we all just comedians?!?!
He'll be here all week! :D
Well, the scrap yard wanted $600 (list price) but I talked him down to $500 plus free rear calipers (very hard to find), a pair of front struts, and a discounted deal on the aluminum rims (but I don't know exactly how much he'll shave off of the $125 per rim he first quoted).

My wallet hurts a bit, but the engine has only 150,000km on it (93,000 miles). that's pretty hard to find, expecially in this pathetic little town...
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