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how much $$?

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about how much would a 90-92 rolla run me?
the gts has the 130hp 4age correct?
how much power does the lowest model have?
about what are the 1/4 mile times? are they comparable to a echo?
any other comments?
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sr5 is the lowest model and with the 4af engine (carbed) has 91. I think the 4afe has 100 or 110
With a sr5 you are looking at different suspension, gauges, seats, steering wheel. stock sr5's didn't come with rear speakers either. Someone had installed some in mine. Stock rims were 13 inch. Unpainted bumpers and mirrors, no side skirts, and no rear wing. The sr5's did have the option for a sunroof, like with mine.
But ask flashmn he will tell you the 4af engines aren't that bad :)
On auto trader I haven't seen many ae92 gts' but they went for 1500 - 3000
88-89 Corolla GTS has the 120hp 4AGE
90-91 Corolla GTS has the 130hp 4AGE

I have both. :)

The sedans and SR5 coupes come with 4AF and 4AFE 88-89 and 4AFE only 90-91 about 90-105hp

As for prices.. depends where you live. Check out in the US and in Canada for price differences.
^ is the 90 a quick car?
good for young drivers?
how much did you get it for?
lol ive seen people write in their descriptions that these are fast cars and i can say they arent that fast But rather impressive for a stock car their age... what are your plans with this corolla should you get one ? GT-S is the way i think you should go seeing you drive an MR2 will have the 4age, sway bars,strut tower bar,oil cooler,4 way Disk brakes, most will have a sun roof, all around better car just a bit more cash i picked mine up for 1200 bucks so its up to you
They're not fast.. they're quick. :)
Not necessarily, insurance will still cut off one of your nuts for it, better off going with a 4dr if insurance is your worry.
A good price. :D
they're quick on acceleration... but with some work they can be incredible handlers.

i have both an mr2 and a 90 sr5 (with a 4ag swap). My ae92 handles better than my mr2 and i've chased several people down in corners that had at least double the power..... including other mr2's
REN69 said:
insurance will still cut off one of your nuts for it, better off going with a 4dr if insurance is your worry.
A good price. :D

lol he drives an MR2 !!! unless he is looking to save money on insurance i think he will be allright with a GT-S who the hell wants a 4 door corolla Blah !! :bleh:
um, the insurance on my mr2 is about 1/2 of what it is on the corolla......
^ really ? lol i wouldnt know i dont have no Mr2
im willing to giveup my corolla i have a 1990 corolla dx 135,000 painted interior all the way around
mr2driver said:
^automatic :barf:
painted interior... :ugh3: :bleh: :rice: :barf:
ohhh B Nice !!! :lol: :rolleyes:
yeah its automatic it was given to me from a friend
idk about you guys but any 2 door corolla is really hard to find but if you can find one sr5 you can get a 4age really ezly you would be looking for the redtop smallport that is the 130 hp one. be warry it does take premium.
^ you bought a Dam clean GT-S man !! what you pay for it ? i cant believe their aint Rust !
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