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How much? $$$$

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How much did ya'll pay if you have had your EGR valve replaced? I think I am getting pretty ripped off by some of the places around here where I am. Thanks!
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i paied 6 bucks. but thats was from a salvage yard and im still not sure if it fixed it:thumbsup:.
run some seafoam thru the brake booster/fuel - then clean it out.. das what i did. lol.
If you get a new one or a used one, try replacing it yourself.

It's actually relatively simple using only a few hand tools. I think there's a DIY floating here somewhere about it...

Hopefully it was stickied.

I would just do a search for it.
wish i had taken pictures, it was literaly 5 nuts to remove and a couple clips.
i paid 125 for my egr, and that wasnt my problem
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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