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How Reliable are the 2.7l?

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I was wondering how reliable the new four bangers are? Can they run 200k easily if well maintained?
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I've only got 34K miles so far but no problems. As far as I know this is a commercial engine used worldwide and still has an iron block. Going by the reputation of the previous gen 4 cylinder pickups, with proper maintenance the engine will outlast the truck.

I would expect to see these trucks 15-20 years from now full of rust and still running with 400+K miles on the odometer.

But will gasoline even be available in 2028? Hmm.....
But will gasoline even be available in 2028? Hmm.....
We'll be accumulating methane from human and cow farts in storage bins behind out homes to power our vehicles in 2028!!!!!!!! THAT is why corn futures are feed both bovine and humans to produce more productive farts. the government has it all wrong......again. :D
Just about any Toyota will run that long is properly maintained.

I had a friend with a early 90s Celica that had 300K miles on it. Thing was beat to hell on a regular basis and kept running. The only reason it died was it was involved in an accident with a Suburban.
no issues so far.
I've got 35,xxx miles on mine in just about two years. for 1.5 of those years it hauled ~1,000lbs 24/7. No issues yet.

I would like more power though, it's a heavy fawker!!
Those little engines are GREAT. i've had 4 Tacoma's with the 2.7 that went 200K.

I finally went up to the V6 on my '06. I just hope that it lasts as long.........
durable 2.7

I now have 174000KM ,110000 miles on my 5 spd 5 bolt and I run synthetic everywhere, it's an 05, and all i have done other than reg maintainance is replace my antena assembly, it totally rotted off the truck [salt]. it uses no oil between oil changes [10000 km] i think the front brakes will go soon,and poss a clutch. I drive this truck fairly hard up and down the hwy. at 130km/h and it doesn't seem to be a problem
I see no reason why it wouldnt run 200,000 miles with proper maintenance.
I only have 20k miles on my truck, but i push this thing hard almost everytime i drive it. its a beast of a little truck and can handle alot more than expected. I've done just about everything to this thing (autocrossed it, mudded it, desert-ed it, jumped it, drifted it, and just romped the hell out of it) and it still runs just as good as the day i got it. I would recomend atleast upgrading to the 6lug though, just because its much easier to mod it because all the big v6 guys upgrade and sell their stock parts, easiest way to mod IMO. Best of luck to ya!
I was wondering how reliable the new four bangers are? Can they run 200k easily if well maintained?
Got mine in Aug of 2009. 130000 miles, not a problem.
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