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How screwed am I

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2009 Sienna LE 3.5l

fault codes P0014, P0015, P0017
Test related camshaft and crankshaft components & sensor operation. Found internal engine variable valve sprockets and timing chains worn.

Timing chain/ Gears/ Tensioners/ Actuator sprocket kit; cylinder head, timing cover, engine gaskets, seals and fluids.

3k parts?
3k labor
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I didn't read the replies except from the OP, so forgive me if I missed something already stated. I did read into the codes and the only way $6K in parts & labor makes sense to me is if the engine oil level and oil changes have been repeatedly neglected. But to that end; even if the diagnosis is accurate and there has been extreme fluid negligence, replacing the engine outright with a good used salvage yard unit might be a more sensible and affordable option. I looked at local options and the price depends on whether or not the engine comes with an oil cooler. If it does come with an oil cooler, they're asking $3000 on the low end. Many more are asking over $3500. The engines without an oil cooler can be found for $1600-$2400 with a few more crackpots asking a lot more. A shop will still charge a mark up on a used part like an engine, but if you can get a cheaper engine without the cooler, labor charges would probably drop considerably. I did some math in my head that would suggest they're trying to sell you over 20 hours of labor as is. Labor times vary amongst service info providers, but I suspect engine R&R labor would be in the 12-14 hour range. It might still be a lose/lose scenario, but you should explore all your options.

I recommend two things: Talk with your mom about the maintenance history. Then get a second opinion regardless.

Unless they opened up the top of the engine and were able to show you something like scored caps for the camshafts or a crack in the casting, I'm having a real hard time thinking they've done enough diagnostic work to know the head is actually bad. Did they show you any physical evidence of any kind to prove what they're selling you is legit? Did they try to show and educate you on scan tool data or scope data? Did they give you a printed copy of anything stating what their diagnosis cosisted of? Even the repair estimate might help tell us more of the story. How much time have they billed you for so far, just in diag labor? Hell, were you able to pick the van up right away after they called you with their news? I'm looking for any context clues to get a sense of whether or not Chevron is being honest with you.


I forgot to mention, even oil neglegence might not require an engine. Once in a while, an engine just needs to be topped off with a couple quarts of oil. You're dealing with a couple leaks; they may not be catastrophic yet.
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