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Here is a DIY on how to make a carbon fiber lip for any car/truck.

-Carbon Fiber Cloth with hardener solutions.
-Plastic Food Wrap
-Some patience, time and force

1.Make a plastic lip. Be creative! Or buy one and use that as a mold.
2.Put the lip on and make sure its on right.
***If you made the kit leave it on the bumper. If you bought the kit and just want it carbon fiber skip to step 5.
3. Take the bumper off leaving the lip on.
4. Take plastic food wrap and wrap it over the lip. Make sure it is on the bumper cover also, so it gives you room if anything happens.
*** HINT: With plastic food wrap it is easier if you want to remove the pastic behind it
5. Get some carbon fiber cloth. Lay the carbon fiber cloth on the lip while the bumber is off and is on the ground. Make sure you really press the carbon fiber into the shape of the lip. The 1st coat makes sure that it holds its shape.
6. Once it is harden take the lip off the car.
7. Put a second layer of carbon fiber cloth. Make sure you get the side of the lip that attaches to the bumper cover.
***NOTE: This will make sure that the lip will not losses or changes the shape which will be a big disaster at the end, trying to make it fit on the bumper cover.
***I put about 3 layers of cloth. The cloth that I used bigger than the lip, I tryed to use one peice as possible per layer. The lip will look bad with smaller peices of carbon fiber cloth. The better you layed it down, the better the final results. I believe that more layers used, the less likely it is going to crack.
8. Let it dry.
9. Drill holes where the previous holes been. This should make the holes line up on your bumper.
10. Carefully remove the harden carbon fiber cloth of the mold/plastic lip. It should be easy to take off because it stuck to the plastic food wrap instead of the plastic lip/mold.
***At the end you should have to lips at the end the plastic/mold one and the carbon one.
12. Now just screw in the lip and ready to go.

The time it takes to finish the lip counts on their skill level, the lip and if they have all the materials to complete this job. I used the same method to make a carbon fiber lip on my 99 Toyota Camry and It came out perfect. :whatwhat:You MUST have permission by kpszar to make or share copies on other forums or web sites. I take no responsibility on what happens to your car or property.

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That's cool. I don't know if I can see myself doing it but I'm for sure gonna invest in some of this fabric just to learn how to use it. Maybe make parts for other people. Sounds fun.

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You can click on his profile to see his car. No offense...but the 'lips' on your car look rediculous to me. Not my cup o tea.

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kinda looks like the garden fencing thing i forgot the specific name that was a popular fad awhile ago. I would like to see more close up pics and ones on the street not grass because then the shadowing kinda obscures it a bit as well

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drewscam said:
I found the pics

this thing looks ruberish, i doubt its CF
You stalker, It is carbon fiber but the camera is like a $50 Walmart 1 Mg. It is very bad. And the arrow is for track when I get my hooks and rims.

"i think its kind of like the door edge guard or like rubber wall molding." No its not. Nice try tho.

Wrong! "kinda looks like the garden fencing thing i forgot the specific name that was a popular fad awhile ago."

It looks okay, it was my fist time with carbon fiber cloth and did not want to make anything fancy.


i think your lip goes too far down and like straight down" Yea I agree, I was not really experinced when I made it. But now I have some more experience so I will see what I can do:p
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