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how to change high stop light

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How do you change the high stop light on a 1992 camry? Do not have the manual and tried to pry it lose from the top but would not budge, if you can, pleas post a pic or make a detailed description on how to do it. if you have a link, please post:naughty:

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LOL.... You've got to use the search function my friend.
1.Hold it with both hands, fingers on the side, thumbs on the front (side facing you)
2.Push down and in and it will get loose.
3.Gently pull off.

i'll do that, i did do a search and the keywords i wrote are high stop camry change. and nothing came up, just how to change plates and bulbs. i guess i didn't do the correct search.

i will try this today and thank you very much :)
More commonly known as the third (or center) brake light. Think I've read you can see how it is clipped in by looking at it from the trunk. (Maybe you can even push the tabs from there.)
Be careful taking it out if you have tinted windows. I scratched my window tint taking mine out. AAHHHRRRGGG!!!! :ugh3:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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