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How to change Idle RPM

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Hey, my 1990 corolla gts idles at 1500 plus rpm. How can I change this. Diagrams would be great aswell,

Thanks a million!
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Have a look where the accelerator cable goes on and underneath that there is a screw with a locknut loosen the locknut and screw out the screw a small bit.
haha.. haven't seen this one come up for a while. Here's a pic I always used before. You're basically looking for the round rubber cover, take it off and that's where the idle screw is (danbarr6, not sure WTF you're talking about. :eek: ) can't remember which was is which, but turning the screw one way will increase the idle and going the other way will decrease it. :rolleyes:

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your always a great help!!

PS Is it safe to adjust this? I read somewhere that once you change it you will never get the timing back or some shit likethat. Is it true? and what would that do to my car/engine lol (yes im a noob but hey, first car, I think I chose the right one:p )
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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