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How to clean engine parts

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Since there have been a ton of threads on cleaning various intake parts lately, Sean is showing how to make an EGR blockoff plate to keep exhaust and crap out of the intake ect. Here is the easyest way on earth to clean shit. It only requires a few bucks, and time. What you need: Cheap antifreeze, crockpot, or very large pan that you will NEVER use for cooking again

1) Take ALL rubber, plastic and anything else NOT METAL off of what you are going to clean. (or it will be destroyed)
2a) Submerge your part into the antifreeze and set your crockpot on LOW heat
2b) Place pot in the oven @ 125F.
3) Go do something else for a long time. If the parts only have mild buildup, it may be an hour. If it is extremely bad, it may take 4-6 hours.

One thing should always be remembered: If you can smell the antifreeze, you're too hot, turn it down some.

That's it!
*Note* this only cleans aluminum, brass, nickel and steel. It really cleans more, but there is some common form of metal that will just turn solid black. If anyone screws up lemmie know which type of metal it was!

*pics tomorrow as my intake is sitting in the oven*
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sounds like a home version of a solvent tank, cool man thanks for the info.
there is an easier way and it requires a tub and cheap degreaser no cooking involed or destroying pots

i put my intake manifold in a tub of mean green(no water) and it dissolved all the grease and grime in about the same amount of time then i rinsed it off let it dry and put it back on as for the tub i'm using it to clean other parts(my spare tb,plenum,intake manifold and heads to get them ready for more evtensive porting)
^Thats a LOT of Mean Green!
That's why I like my way. A gallon of AF costs less than $5 for the cheap stuff.
where i work, we clean Gold/Silver/Steel, and Platnum with an Ultra Sonic cleaner.. its heated too (get prity hot) we fill it with Simple Green and some watter. it works better then any other cleaner we have used, and in fact they sell expensive cleaner as suply places that dosent even do half as nice of a job. but you can bet your but that ultra sonic has seen a few carborator parts over the years. :D
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