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How to disable traction control?

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Have a 03 4Runner with a factory supercharger. Can't get the traction control to stay off.... Any help would be appreciated.
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traction control

yes, it does have a button. The issue is that once a significant amount of power is applied it turns the traction control back on by itself......
You can pull the fuse. :)
I cannot believe that there is no answer for this problem....

What a freakin waste 350+ HP is.... somebody HELP!!!
I'm sure if you read through the wiring diagrams you could find a way to hook a toggle switch up to it. So that you could complete cut power to the device. Not sure how safe it would be... but it should work.
EKam said:
You can pull the fuse. :)

By doing so, I think it also kills the speed limiter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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