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How to get key made for 4unner?

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I bought a used '99 4runner off a dealer. Problem is I only have the valet key with it. I took it to Toyota and they ran the VIN # and couldn't find info on it to make me a key, and said i Would have to disassemble the passenger door to get the info for making a key. What? So I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to get a key made. Would be nice to lock my glove compartment box.

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1999 Toy. 4runner
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The dealer ran the VIN and couldn't find it? lol, uhh, try a locksmith. They can run the VIN too. Maybe they'll have better luck...
Exactly, Toyota couldn't find the specs on it to make a key. What foolishness is that? I just stared at the Parts person dumbfounded and wonder what this is about. I remember now why I stopped dealing with the morons at parts and service for Toyota in the first place. Can't make a key for a Toyota? Are they THAT stupid?
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