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How to get rid off nicks, scrapes on car body?

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I don't know if this is intentional subotage but today while I was driving behind this 16 wheeler, a good size pebble flew out and hit on my car roof. It chipped away the paint on the roof and now it is just bare metal. What should I do? get the touch up paint and spray over it and cover it up with clear coat spray paint?

lately I have had bad luck with driving behind 16 wheeler or big commerical trucks. Everytime I drive behind in my brand new camry le 04, I got rocks, dusts, flying at my car but it doesn't happen when I driver older cars. I think what had happened today was probably the driver threw out a rock out the window. There was no way I could get a pebble that big.

On the other hand, should I spray the clear coat on the front of my brand new car? That is where it takes the most damage to the paint and clear coat should help protect paint.
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well first, the touch up paint from Toyota (dealer) isn't spray. It's a small (actually very small) container with a brush.

I would dab it on, and just keep it like that, because it's not uncommon for rocks and stuff to come onto the car on highways.

And to do a lot of work for one chip.. who knows when the next one would come

since it's a 2004, the paint hasn't faded, so the touch up should match exactly with the current car

welcome to TN btw
I NEVER drive behind any big trucks, cause when a bump comes, or somthing their back tires jump up and down thus freeing debree from the road, i hate trucks !
i HATE TRUCKS, thats why i got my whooooole front end repainted. ANyone who saw my car before thought they were looking at craters on the moon
Touch up the paint quick. Because eventually it turns into rust. Oh but wait, you live in L.A. I bet you park your car in a garage too.

If that happened to me, since I park in the street and the car is exposed to all of NY's elements, it rusts up and gets nasty.
There is a rubbing compound you can use. It oxidises the paint (yes I know this is normally bad) and it allows the paint to smooth over the scratches. You should be able to pick it up at any auto parts store. Otherwise a lot of shops have it. I used it on my trunk. Worked great:thumbup:
rub too hard and you take off the paint! Like me!
if you're really picky and if you want to spend more $$ into serious investment...

ClubLexus recommends:



in my opinion it's quite a bit, however, the members in CL have been pleased with the results. other than that, to save money the dealer's touch up paint, and use a very fine paint brush like tip instead of using the dealer's brush that comes with the bottle. other than that, langka is similar to mother's paint chip repair and 1/2 the price. though, i just use the dealer's touch up. save $ cause eventually in the future more chips occur. if i have the money i would purchase the clear bra; heard a lot of good results but it all depends on the person if they like the thin layer cover on the car with a little line showing... however they're just too much money for me since bills payments are stacking.:eek::
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