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How to install a kill switch?

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I want to install an ignition kill-switch, but have no idea how to do it. Not electrically inclined at all, so wire locations, colors, how to rig the switch up would be helpful.

I have an 89 camry station wagon.
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step 1 ... buy a kill switch

step 2 read directions

step 3... use kill switch

step 4 .. finished

haha j/k ... i'm not sure on the colors or anything but if you buy an actual kill switch it should tell you which wires to hook up.. then you look at the schemitc of your wiring in your car and trace the wires.

Starter wire: black/white
Ignition wire: black/yellow

Both wires are found at the ignition harness coming off the steering column.

You clip the starter wire (black/white). Your then left with 2 ends (starter and ignition switch). Wire the end that goes to the ignition switch to 87 on the relay (diagram says key side of starter). The other end goes to 30 on the relay (diagram says motor side of starter).

You need 2 spdt (single pole double throw) automotive relays, momentary contact switch (make sure its momentary, you don't want a on-off switch), wire, crimps (female spade / disconnects, solder, etc...

Make sure you understand the diagram. If you wire it up wrong, the car won't start and/or you'll end up shorting something out.
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why does one need a kill switch on a 89 camry wagon?
You are an idiot. Because I don't want to walk out and find that some punk kid jacked it for the motor. For your information, the 89 camry was the most stolen care in America from 1998-2003. Why? I dont' know. Maybe something to do with the engine or other parts.
WHOA....Calm down dude, i was just curious...not critizing...

the reason you said is the exact reason these cars are stolen...but most people get an alarm...kill switches are generally used in racing...where are you putting the switch?


what is it with all these new members with no have 6 posts under your belt and you start a post with "You are an Idiot"

thats kinda rude.
A thief can't start the car if the kill switch is off. My ignition is stuck in the forward position. (the key in ignition chime sounds even when key is out)

My bad. Thought you were dissing my my wagon for no reason.

I assume you plan to hide the switch correct? any thought to

you need to figure out where you can put the switch that you will remember to turn it on/off when you get out of your car.
Stevethecleric said:
you need to figure out where you can put the switch that you will remember to turn it on/off when you get out of your car.
Using a momentary switch as opposed to an on-off toggle switch should work in this case. 88LE already mentioned this above.

btw-I brought up the topic of kill switches recently aswell
Best one I've seen yet...

Removes the need for a visable switch by using a magnetic reed switch behind a panel, although, the other diagram above could be done with one as well.

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