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How to pass inspection with Code PO430 Bank 2 ???

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Engine check light on 02 v6 1MZFE (no VVT-i) Camry,
Code PO430 Bank 2 Catalytic Efficiency Below Threshold.
I need new cats to make it go away. Do I have any other options?
In the past I use to unplug ground off of the battery computer needed 50
miles to get the engine check light back on, 30 miles in to it I would go
For inspection and pass.
This year more stuff got erase from the computer when I did that.
Idle was to low car stall at ever traffic light.
Went to Toyota they remapped the computer new software, now it
takes half the time for the light to come on. If I reset the computer
I never have enough data in the computer to pass before light comes on. I Failed twice for systems not ready (no engine check light).

What are my options? I don’t have couple of grand to replace the cats!
I try that “guaranty to pass” fuel additive?!:(
1. If I use that nipple / spacer “BLOX 02 "CEL" CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ELIMINATOR” for o2 sensor to get it out of the
stream of exhaust they sell these things for 12 bucks.
Will I have problems with air/fuel mixture?
2. I was also told that if a willing mechanic with a code reader (2-3
grand code reader, not $150) will be able to erase that specific code
with out wiping out whole memory?

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You have two options:
1. Fix the car
2. Get rid of the car.
I would imagine that if you try to cheat the system and they catch you, there might be some other expenses involved that could exceed the cost of the parts. Fix it.
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