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Anyone know how to pop open the steering column cover exactly on 09 corolla? I'm trying to follow the steps below to get my fog lights working but stuck on step 1 :( pop steering column cover

Alrite guys i got it figured out already. Since the car is prewired, and i didnt want to buy the toyota switch because it cost 160 bucks.
1. All you have to do is pop open the steering column cover.
2. Disconnect Turn signal/headlight connector
3. Cut the Red and white wire and use a butt connector to connect the wires together. (The fog lights will turn on when the headlights are on only.)
4. You have to buy a Fog light relay from toyota 37 bucks, it is located behind the ash tray right behind the climate control. You plug it right in the empty spot on the right side on the top.
5. Start your car and turn on the headlights and the fog lights will turn on. AIM the fog lights and you are done.

It was pretty easy and a lot cheaper then buying all the parts from the dealer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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