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Join one of any number of free image hosting services, and then upload your photographs to that hosting site. Once your images are uploaded the sites will typically assign four or more links, EMail & IM, Direct Link, HTML tag, and IMG code Facebook, etc.

The IMG code is the easiest to use. Just right click on the IMG URL tag and it will say copied. Now when you are posting in a thread just right click again and left click on paste. The link will be displayed, not the picture. To see the picture before you post hit the Preview Post button and voila, you have pictures.

Another method with many hosting services is right click on the direct link. This link can be used to re-direct a user to the image on your hosting page. Also the direct link can be used to post pictures here. Hit the
button, insert the direct link and the picture will appear without hitting the preview post button.

That's pretty much it! If you have any additional questions or problems posting photographs to Toyota Nation, don't hesitate to contact any staff member and ask for help. :thumbsup:

Thanks, and happy posting!
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