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hehehehehe you notice curse controll around here is pointless too.

i took a look at the system a little while back i'll need to look it over again but from what i rember.

it's servo controlled so you dont have to worry about a vaccume leak when you remove it. the ecu doesnt check it so it wount throw a cel just flash the curse light when you try to turn it on.

ok to remove it there are 2 screws on the side you have to remove and then there a few clips on it to hold it down so just use some force to pull it off. after you remove that you need to disconect the throtal cable from it there and move it to the tb. disconect the cable from the curse on the tb and here the part i cant remeber to put it on the tb i cant rember if you need to take off the bracket peice from the cable from the cruse or the actual cable is the same type.

but after rerouting the cable it's just unbolt the unit disconect power to it, and then tape off the connectors. and your with out cruse controll.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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