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how to remove door panel, ae102

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car is 94' ae102, this pertains to the door panel behind the driver's side, if you read my other post, this is the door that has frozen and will not unlock, it works fine when its warmer, but for now it's still kinda frozen, i tried yanking the panel thinking it would be the same like the driver's side and passenger's side but doesn't have clips, it's somewhat bolted on to a cardboard and saw that i ripped it off when i tried yanking it out. I also tried removing the door handle thinking it would work the same as the drivers and passengers side also, but its totally different, i think i actually busted the plastic thing attached to it trying to yank it off :confused: why would toyota make two whole different panels????:confused: Can anyone give me some tips, I am totally clueless i dont wanna break more stuff
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I've had that happen a few times. I think you just need to oil your locks really well.

To take apart a rear door panel, pry out the middle of the power window switch with a screwdriver and disconnect the cable.

In the side of the armrest there are two holes; in these are screws. Unscrew both of the screws from the armrest.

Next is the door handle. Unscrew the small screw in the middle of it. Take it out by using a two motion process: slide it without lifting toward the front of the car, and then lift it out. Now you can do two things: you can either leave it attached to the long metal stick that goes to the lock and manuever it through the hole in the door panel it when you take it off the panel off, or you can take the door handle off of its metal stick. I personally do the former. Just leave it hanging and when youre taking the trim off kind of move it so the handle goes through the hole.

Anyway, now you can do as with the front doors. Pry up gently with your hands around the edge to pop out all the clips, slide the panel up and take it off, turning it in such a manner as to let the door handle pass through the hole if the door handle is still hanging there.

What I do to get the lock working is just spray a bunch of WD 40 all over the moving parts in the lock... can't see them too well, even with a flashlight, but I just spray in there.

Installation of the door panel is reverse of removal. :thumbup:
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