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Dried and decaying insects can be a challenge to remove. Their rotting bodies can actually stain your paintwork, so it's a good idea to get rid of them sooner rather than later. Autoglym Active Insect Remover is sprayed on in the form of a rich concentrated foam which clings to the surface and gently loosens and dissolves stubborn bugs and insect guts.

Apply the spray to the affected areas 10 minutes before you initially hose the car down; this will allow the product to soak in and do its work. All you need to do now is agitate the surface with your sponge when you're washing the car, and simply hose the insect mess away. If you're not ready for a full wash, simply spray the Insect Remover on, let it soak in, agitate the area, and wash the mess away focusing only on that area.

Active Insect Remover safely breaks down and removes insect remains from paintwork, glass, number plates and lights. As an added step, quickly polish the front to the vehicle and for added protection apply a wax sealant to protect the paint work and make cleaning easier next time.

If you live in rural areas where insects are more prevalent, or plan on going on a road trip, keep a bottle in your trunk to remove insect residue as required.

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