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How to remove stubborn road grime?

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Hey everyone. I got me some pretty dirty alloys and I was wondering how all of you keep your rims nice and shiny. What products do you use, and how do you use it? Let us know!!!
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I use an old wash mit and the remaining car wash I used to wash the rest of the car.
It depends on the finish. Chrome is different than machined aluminum is different than painted/clearcoat.

Generally gentlest is best. I was my alloys (painted/clearcoated) to make future cleanings easier.
Hey louie1086,

If your wheels are coated then here is what I do!

2-Soft Soft Brush
3-Hose Down
7-Adam's Brilliant Spray Glaze

I apply 5,6,and 7 with Microfiber Products!

Let me know if this Helps!

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thx for the advice guys, but i cant clean the rims until i get access to a hose. since im not at home, itll have to wait until spring break. but keep the methods coming in, i wanna know how all u guys do it so if one method doesnt work as well, i can move on to the next one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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