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How to remove the glass on the side mirror

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Dear all

I would apprecaite some helps here please.

I have a 02' Camry that has an electric side mirror (electric control on position and fold-up). The fold-up is playing up (it folds up fully but only unfold half-way, and need a bit of 'encouragement/assistance' to fully unfold). I suspect that there is some loose gear inside the mirror housing and want to take a look.

My porblem is to remove the glass in order to access the inside of the mirror. I understand a lot of these glassese are clip on but for this one, I really had pull very hard (to the breaking point) and the glass just won't budge.

What's the correct procedure to remove the glass on the side mirror please?

Many thanks.
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Don't know about '02 but this is the '07 procedure for Japan made:

(a) Push the upper part of the mirror surface and tilt it.
(b) Using a moulding remover, disengage the 2 claws at the lower part of the outer rear view mirror, and remove the outer rear view mirror glass.​

Many thanks for the super fast repsonse.

It does make sense. I recall seeing something like that.

I am not near my car at the moment but can I just double check, do the two claws 'catch' the back of the glass and I detach them from the back of the glass please?

Many thanks again.
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